- save lazy carcinoma Teach you to use the magic stick fast cleaning

by:BAILI     2020-10-31
As a mild squirrels hoarders and severe lazy carcinoma patients, small make up of my life is a big problem in the room did receive ah! Within three days, before you know it is again disorderly inappropriately ever! Sticky hook only one-time use, a bit on a variety of drop, also take away a layer of plaster, by the way. Don't too difficult to find a: wow! Seems to be just like the white sweater on maybe? ? Are there any product, can receive, is neat and practical a percentage? Yes, this is the small make up today to receive arrange artifact of amway - — Nano universal hook and loop it, known as the 'non-trace nails', was to receive world black wow ~ than hook strong science and technology, convenient than receive a case, just seconds kill all receive goods, 3 seconds to complete rapidly, the Gospel of virgo! Below small make up for all to say said ~ super adsorption, some children may feel small body big energy, looks so small a, is how operation? Will very fragile fragile? Absolutely not! Don't look down upon the figure are small, but the adsorption capacity are great! Objects can be within 2 kg firmly adsorption, such as key pen headphones these little things, even mobile tablet cosmetics these off! The object scope of paste, the greater the adhesion effect, the more obvious. Nano paste above is all this, and millions of adsorption force powerful little sucker ~ although invisible to the naked eye, but each suction cup at the moment work the oh ~ ~ and super reliable, this super adsorption is not affected by the climate of what, from 0 degrees to 60 degrees, are not affected by the temperature difference and deformation, don't have to worry about the kitchen lampblack ~ cut becomes angry, say goodbye to the trouble of core drill hole hammer drilling, sticky sticky glue, all of these shortcomings is not to say goodbye to the traditional tapping, table body no longer damage metope, only need a depend ~ ~ perfect ~ it is not enough, the hook and loop also can cutting, bending, stretching ~ what shape you need, need what size, can directly start work immediately, adapt to the situation, the practical didn't have to say.
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