School uniforms 'Velcro' names, it is also can't afford to wear the uniform

by:BAILI     2020-11-07

a few days ago, a netizen has 'dongguan foreign language school after the school uniform to tell the students to pay the price'. The school the issuing of 12 different season uniforms, a total of 18, the total cost 2180 yuan. School teacher is responsible for the uniform matters relating to the said price is determined by the municipal education bureau joint multi-sectoral bidding, the classmates said: can not afford to wear the uniform. ( On April 26, 'guangzhou daily') Schools allow students to one-time buy school uniforms, covering the four seasons of chun xiaqiu winter, cover the whole body, in addition to the underwear and shoes, all had, but most of them are two sets. To a man's first feeling is that too much one-time buy so many clothes. Besides the three year students are long body, the future is likely to wear upper body, not wasteful. School uniforms and 2180 yuan, the price is low, not like a high school summer jacket price 90 95 yuan, summer shorts, the price can match international sports brand. Obviously, 2180 yuan of 18 school uniforms, students can't afford to wear, wear not over, too. Bureau of education after bidding, schools have to listen to; School uniforms besides the price, students can't afford not to buy. By rights, education department and the school of design, quality and price of the school uniform should be solicit opinions from the students, rather than for students to make decision. As it is now, students have no voice and choice, only false rights of paying for school, even if the education department and school is out of kindness, even if there is no any issue, don't discuss ahead of schedule, students don't like, this is everybody feeling the deep reason of 'can not afford to wear the uniform'. In a free market concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people's social, buy school uniforms are caused such a big question, its to have. Education departments and schools, is the allocation of education resources, when the education resources shortage and uneven distribution rules of relations with the fate of the students call to arms, dare not from. Therefore, when should have only considered when people worry about school of education problem, though students, also can only silently to accept, it always cheaper than the school selection fee. Or, this is the department of education 'their' in the market, seek a form for your convenience. Just, once the lack of legal supervision and market constraints, small school uniforms also prone to corruption 'education', after media reports, hainan worker xiuying children school uniforms as 'tang's monk meat', according to the principal of 6 yuan each, 3 yuan, director of the office of general services, the proportion of the teacher in charge $1 to 2. When the school uniform to wear not over, and expensive to more can't afford to wear, should beware of any education corruption. To say, even if it does not exist problems in the process of ordering, uniform must also give students some options: one is no need to order two sets, school uniforms can be divided into will buy them, and choose coat and dress will buy, sweaters and vest can buy don't buy, this can reduce the price. 2 it is to allow students to batch purchase, not a buy 18, avoid wearing inappropriate in the future. Three is unified to buy school uniform, but don't in the above printing names, can use the name 'hook and loop' glued on the school uniform, will come to school, only in the 'Velcro' is ok. In a word, 'can not afford to wear the uniform, not sensational,' this is a money thing, what is right. If you want to let the students who don't when can have a bite of meat '' tang's monk, or to start from the display student's right, do big education cake, fair distribution of resources, democratic campus won't so business school uniforms.

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