Secretly tell you the magical effect of adhesive Velcro_

by:BAILI     2021-04-17

Adhesive hook and loop is widely used. I believe anyone who has used adhesive Velcro will know that there are hook and loop hook and loop in the electronics, medical and printing industries. Today, the editor secretly tells everyone that adhesive Velcro can not only be used in products, but also in life!

Yes, it often appears in life. You can use adhesive Velcro in many places in your life. I believe 90% of people have found a remote control in the house. When I don’t want it, I feel it just dangling in front of my eyes. When I want to use it, I can’t find it anywhere. I always start to do this. I’m looking for a TV remote control or an air conditioner. remote control. After considering whether it can be fixed in a place, it can be fixed directly when in use. The key is how to fix it and how to use it conveniently. I specially prepared Velcro to hook my hair and started to practice. I found a fixed point. The best place is the wall behind the sofa. I glued the surface of the hook to the side, and then used the rough surface on the other side. The result is perfect. From then on, the editor returned to formal life and began to reach the peak of life. In fact, adhesive Velcro is not only used in small remote controls, as long as you are good at finding it, I believe it can be used in many places!

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