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by:BAILI     2020-10-14
Textile specialized in wire bandages Velcro and a series of service from raw material, production, processing, factory direct sale price, but for customization, special electronic Velcro cable tie, bind belt, cable ties, check out function design, color variety, wires bind Velcro find steady good textile wholesale. Velcro strap Velcro strap ( Wire and cable tie) Daily output 500000 PCS charger bind/cable tie, the company with 'the customer is supreme' attitude. Rely on the efforts of the staff endeavoring to become a professional production of sticky strap tie ( Also known as wire and cable tie) Company specializing in the production of various kinds of nylon Velcro ( Fastening belt) Bind stickers, electronic wire, back glue Velcro, back to back Velcro, injection hook Velcro, curls, voltage Velcro, elastic must not catch the hook and loop, the magic mushroom Velcro, hook wool consubstantiality stickers, no burr Velcro, fastening cloth, all kinds of special Velcro, etc. 。 。 。 。 The company has rich production experience and advanced machinery and equipment, has the sense of responsibility of employees. The main products of nylon Velcro series; Elastic series; Ribbon series. Points of different species of Velcro among them has: the ordinary sewing Velcro, and shall have the special function of back glue Velcro, respectively; Not fluff, brush up to more than 20000 times, appearance beautiful shape don't grab the hook and loop is also called fluff, application of high temperature operation of flame retardant Velcro, according to the customer to provide text stamping Velcro and silk screen, widely used in sewing conditions easily Plastic, paper, aluminum and iron material, PVC, etc. ) Back glue Velcro, self-adhesive, PVC materials of voltage Velcro is also called type high temperature heat viscose cingulate, electronics, wire industry commonly used wires bind/strap is also called universal binding hook and loop, processing cutting molding ( Cutting into various shapes according to customer requirements) 。 The company's products have passed the eu environmental requirements standard SGS non-toxic does not contain heavy metal detection, specifications for the above products are 10 - 150 mm, it is widely used in toys, footwear, leather goods, furniture, sports equipment, electronics, plastics, process, etc. We welcome friends from all walks of life to be customized, or to visit our factory!
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