Select safe anti-slip with Velcro swim ring to ensure the safety of the baby

by:BAILI     2020-11-14

parents take the baby to go swimming, swimming laps. But to see the colorful on market, all kinds of swimming circle many people worry anymore, what kind of baby swimming laps the safest, baby wearing also comfortable? Below small make up teach you some tips how to choose a baby swim ring? A, baby swim ring type 1, propeller baby swim ring can't swim and want to play in the water, with swimming laps of the motor is a great help. Screw rotation, you can like to drive a car for a ride in the water. The baby can with the help of it, a good play in the water. Small encyclopedia: equipped with protective baby swim ring can be fixed, the handle of operation with both hands to control small propeller rotation. 2, U choose the baby swimming swimming circle must be fit, safe. Strange shape U wear swimming circle through the arms in the body. Light fitting, not only is not easy to drop and convenient operation, water is bad and want to free water play good choose. Second, how to choose baby swim ring? 1, the material can't stimulate to conform to the standards of medical devices, won't cause stimulation to the baby's skin. Small encyclopedia: smooth surface, fine workmanship, no burr, don't scratch your baby's skin. 2, color soft comfortable soft, suitable for baby's visual nerve, does not stimulate baby's visual and visual development. Small encyclopedia: baby swim ring adopts flat mouth, on gas mouth or gas mouth didn't cover cover was accidentally touch open cases, baby swim ring won't appear suddenly light-leaking gas. 3 multiple airbag design, design to ensure safety, generally there are 4, and a separate inflatable mouth, so that even in one of the flat bag happen, also can have enough air to keep the baby, ensure the safety of the baby. Have a special internal channel of the lower jaw, small encyclopedia: fixed protection effect to the baby's jaw, baby to prevent slippage. 4, safety strap fixed safety non-slip adjustable magic buckle, up and down each have cingulate, firmly fixed baby swim ring, prevent the baby in the sports season baby swim ring strap loose in baby from infant swimming laps in danger of sliding into the water. Small encyclopedia: can be adjusted according to the size of the baby's neck circumference, the baby's neck was very comfortable baby swim ring retainer.

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