Sewing Velcro: how specification use sewing Velcro small coup

by:BAILI     2020-10-30
Said to the back glue sewing hook and loop strap should not know this thing, even if some people don't know but he must have seen in life, just might not know that what is called this name, application field is very wide also make it a minor celebrity, gradually along with the development of the footsteps of the original function has no way to continue again, so through innovative research and development of different types of products with new functions, gum through the pad and coating in the form of a variety of processing methods have some new features. For sewing hook and loop has unique advantages, so it is widely used in many fields are involved, like clothes, shoes bag in daily life, a lot of items have the figure of this product, can give play to the role of adhesion fixed at the same time, also can have the effect of the decoration protection. This was probably some people is not very understanding, but said that you will understand. When used in clothes is to use the stick to its fixed performance, strong binding power use time also for a long time, so often used in place of buttons, zippers, also can have the effect of the fastening, sometimes used to glue things fixed. Products have certain rules in some special occasions application specific standard is burning flame retardant of gum, this is the general can be used in fire danger situation of special products, compare the flame retardant products used in special circumstances will be a little dangerous, so the use of flame retardant materials is very beneficial. Also have in flame retardant finishing on fabric, in addition to use on the fire suit some industrial protective clothing or military service, and so on are used, and used in explosion-proof dustproof work clothes is anti-static function. As for can protect, because the product is processed by special way, so can be flame retardant of resistance to high temperature, and material is very soft and will not harm the skin, protect the said can play a buffer effect, mainly is this things can't be compared to the environment pollution caused by the environmental protection. The color of the products is very rich, is not the same as the process method of processing after the modelling is different also, already beautiful can rise to decorate the effect. Like Alice hair volume will use sticky strap, useful also look good. A lot of polyester and polypropylene material moisture absorption is very poor, seriously affected when using lamination fabric comfort and not very sanitary, hygroscopicity is bad words also can have static electricity, or is fouling resistance is very poor, so I have to solve this problem by using chemical physical modification methods to improve product performance, high moisture absorption, can be used in sportswear or functional underwear. And the performance of the moisture absorption perspiration is the same truth, is to let a person with clothes fabrics can be formed between comfortable feel relatively dry, after all, feeling not well after sweating, breathable fabrics easy to dry, hygroscopic and comfortable and clean on the sportswear or casual wear applications are good. From the beginning invented by now widely used, this product has always been very popular with people, and because of that there would be a quality levels not neat. As if the shoes use sticky strap is not standard, the quality qualified rate will serious decline, and now competition is very fierce, many are not guaranteed the product quality, also let the overall quality level is present a very poor condition. Unqualified reason most of all because of wear-resisting performance is poor, because wear test shoes are using one of the important conditions, if in the use of unqualified products appear badly worn, it also let the greatly shorten the service life of shoes, seriously affect the normal use of consumers, so the quality is very important.
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