Shenzhen where there are back glue Velcro wholesale

by:BAILI     2020-10-15
Is a professional manufacturer of glue Velcro back, factory direct supply, wholesale back glue Velcro. Choose high quality raw materials, high quality glue, glue do manual work is delicate, not faded, not glue; Strong adhesion, enough environmental protection, safety. Back glue hook and loop is divided into: ordinary glue, glue, glue, PVC special adhesive, 3 m glue! And hot melt adhesive model is divided into: 7096, 7019, 7031, 7501 high viscosity, cold resistant high temperature resistant, specifications: 8 mm - 180 mm, the product features: take back rubber can be in - 20 ℃ to 80 ℃ temperature range use, simplify the design of the parts, reduce the manufacturing cost at a low design cost achieve excellent tensile performance, strong resistance to shear force, positive tension and art design space. Can be pressed into various specifications and shapes according to customer's requirements, can be used for protection of 櫈 chair foot pad, also can protect advanced audio and video and other home electric support, also can be used for the raincoat, clothing, handbags, simply and easily opened the back hook and loop, the debonding of the paper can be pasted on each type of smooth and clean, especially suitable for paper, coated PVC, PP, ABS, convenient and quick, is very versatile. Shenzhen green non-trace back glue Velcro wholesale, product material blending + hot melt adhesive, a layer of glue on the back of the hook and loop, products of the specifications of the regular minimum is 1. 6 cm, the biggest is 12. 5CM。 Black and white back glue Velcro routine are: 1. 6厘米、2厘米、2。 5厘米、3厘米、3。 8厘米,5厘米、6厘米,7厘米,8厘米,10厘米,11厘米,12。 5 cm more products details welcome login:
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