Six kinds of Velcro introduction for details

by:BAILI     2020-10-19
As the application in the life more and more widely, Velcro also gradually diversified varieties. By the simplest nylon Velcro to the back glue Velcro is mainly used in hardware, and is often used in plant body fixed belt and so on. The classification Velcro now what? Overall hook and loop is mainly divided into the following categories: a, Velcro cable tie, Velcro cable tie with normal tie the difference is that ordinary cable tie is one-way, can only be gradually tighten, and hook and loop cable tie can solve to tighten again, so that we can more convenient to use to find the most appropriate location. Second, back to back Velcro: similar to the structure of the double-sided adhesive, used in all kinds of electronic products, such as: electronic toys, household appliances, wire and cable, etc. And use is very convenient, also can undertake free cutting. For more than three hook and loop, hair, hair on modelling, with hair roll Velcro, in make curl modelling is no longer the one by one to fixed shelf, more convenient? Four, hook one Velcro MAO: mainly used in daily life, ordinary glue of the item. Five, grab the hook and loop: often used in people's common items of glue, like clothes, shoes, wig, and so on are all can use this kind of Velcro. Six, back glue Velcro: mainly using the original nylon hook and loop by high temperature and/or glue. Can be used in a variety of items, the effect also is pretty good.
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