Small Velcro big purpose: back glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-09-23
First of all, small make up first introduce the back glue hook and loop 【 Product name 】 : back glue Velcro 【 Product material 】 : nylon, polyester, polyester and nylon, nylon grade A material, don't catch hair material. 【 Product color 】 : color is complete, can be customized to sample! 【 The work skill 】 Type: plus glue and glue blunt sectional cutting 【 Products processing] : back glue Velcro, back glue Velcro type, back glue hook and loop molding, high temperature glue hook and loop back, adhesive stickers, adhesive Velcro type, since the sticky strap, since the sticky strap type and round Velcro, circular adhesive Velcro, rounded back glue Velcro products. 【 Product use 】 : suitable for all kinds of electronics, electrical appliances, toys, communication, hardware and plastic, sports equipment, etc. Back glue Velcro can say the use of one of the most convenient Velcro. Work in our lives are good little helper choice, adhesive used with fixed office space objects, namely stick box, simple and convenient. Typical application: 1, the indoor display frame/photo wall and heavy tools; 2, the outdoors, fixed and bundled items in transit. Can also be free tailoring, producing DIY. In life to say back glue Velcro is an excellent living small helper easy to use, durable, the key is the price also cheap oh within 3, car fixed phone, navigator, sun visor, etc. , is a good way to replace all kinds of suction cups. Sometimes when driving occasionally encountered such a situation, that is driving by slow when a bumpy road, will be heard the door creak sound. Believe that there are many owners will encounter such a situation, there are many car owners said that their vehicles after traveling 10000 kilometers of the doors sound will happen. And appear such circumstance, will naturally affect the owner's mood, worry about what their car isn't a failure, how to solve the problem becomes urgent at this moment, there is a a back glue Velcro, only need to use it, we can effectively solve the problem of the doors sound. Let below small make up to you to introduce the back glue Velcro help you solve the doors appear problem. This by using the method of back adhesive cingulate plan is on the door strip coated with lubricating oil or hair side stick on the pasted on doors, and the professional term stick is back glue Velcro, we only need to use when use are usually rough, without having to face. If the doors sound need to be solved, there is a choice: Windows sound with plastic hair side need 4 - black vehicle 6 meters! And the car to be fixed with back glue Velcro beautiful and clean and does not hurt the car. 4 fixed screen window, balcony window, simple;
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