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by:BAILI     2020-10-02
Since march of this year, Qingdao airport exit inspection and quarantine in 20 detection in a batch import infant and children's clothing 6 batch quality is unqualified, not the percent of pass is up to 30%, a well-known brands imported children's clothing formaldehyde to exceed bid more than 2 times. Inspection and quarantine departments to remind, imported children's clothing quality safety problem that nots allow to ignore, when consumer is bought to be cautious. Qingdao airport entry and exit inspection and quarantine bureau relevant controller introduces, found mostly in importing children's clothing fabric composition, free and hydrolyzed formaldehyde ( Water extraction method) Detection value, pH value, color fastness, banned azo dye, safety and quality of multiple projects such as unqualified. Among them, the free and hydrolyzed formaldehyde ( Water extraction method) Check out the excess value phenomenon is particularly prominent. Long-term intake of low concentration formaldehyde can cause the symptom such as insomnia, loss of appetite, weight loss, weakness, to a baby's toxicity is in asthma, bronchitis, chromosomal abnormalities, immune system, etc. The waist position such as the rope is too long can lead to wound and unsafe situation such as falls. Fastness of unqualified lead to dye or pigment molecules and heavy metal ions are more likely to be absorbed by human body through the skin, such as serious when such as erythema, papule, harm to human body skin health. Velcro is indispensable in our daily life, sometimes it will close contact with us, such as the back glue hook and loop clothes and back glue Velcro shoes, so choose a regular back glue Velcro company appear particularly important. Velcro has twenty years of experience in back glue hook and loop processing. Commitment to zero to add, make you healthier
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