Some common problems about back glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-05
If you need to use back glue hook and loop you will value what problem? After textile consulted some collaboration client, attaches great importance to the problem of combining various points are as follows: 1: what is the back glue hook and loop? Believe that the problem whether or not you use the back glue Velcro you all want to know, shallow back glue Velcro is on the opposite side of the standard Velcro or special Velcro after lamination production equipment bring hot melt glue evenly coated in the body, attach from type paper or from type membrane, convenient storage and use. In general use function is different, the glue will have certain difference. 2: back glue Velcro which have sell? Now want to find a back glue Velcro is very simple, each big electric business channels are on sale, but due to the glue is very consistent electric business channels, so the use of the bearing is not the same as the function of hard to avoid can not want to, buy is very simple, get appropriate is difficult, so if you really mass use, may use in very special local, must find a professional back glue Velcro factory, textile area is established to carry on the back glue production factory, can use according to the customer's temperature, laminating material, joint point choosing the suitable materials and glue Velcro. 3: back glue Velcro to use them? Many customers are buying back glue Velcro used after the discovery after the joint function is not very perfect, this situation is generally two problems, one is the back glue hook and loop glue pick fault, one is using the method is not correct, we need before we use the joint surface finishing, especially water cannot exist, if in winter is needs the back glue Velcro progress after baking hot in the joint, joint don't immediately after use, should be in 48 hours after the back glue magic glue fully mix using the best.
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