Sorching summer, the magic block mosquitoes nets to help you

by:BAILI     2020-10-19
Mentioned with magic, people don't know what is it I'm afraid. Velcro is actually we often use a clothing accessories for cohesion, male female double sided, one side the other side is slightly soft fiber is a hard like xiaomao catch. Just stick together. Under tension by must, endowed with elastic hook is straight, glue and open it from the loop pile, and then recover the original hook type, so repeated opening and closing of up to ten thousand pay, often opening Velcro is widely used in various types of objects fit or location, but the Velcro tradition can only choose sewing method is fixed on the product or object. The use of Velcro is now all over in every corners of people life down, on many daily necessities of life will have the use of the hook and loop. A few years is very hot in the summer, summer has a problem is that we are in trouble, that there is a mosquito. In order to resist these annoying many mosquitoes at home will be loaded gauze inside something relevant, screen door, mosquito nets, etc. Said despite the presence of these equipped with reduce a lot of that is to let the mosquito, but also brought some of the other problems. For example, the use of mosquito nets, mosquito net is used generally no autumn mosquitoes that night. During this period, are through mosquito nets in every day, every time after going to refer to the mosquito net is closed, there is any gap will let mosquitoes opportunity. In the nets device also is such, every tear open outfit is more trouble. The existence of Velcro on the nets will deal with a lot of problems. On the device, for example after a Velcro only needs simple docking glue can complete closed, is very convenient.
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