Special magic with what?

by:BAILI     2020-09-19
Special magic with what? Special hook and loop: 1. Fire hook and loop, flame retardant Velcro, fireproof glue cingulate, flame retardant viscose cingulate, fire type fastening belt, fire type fastening belt. 2 back glue Velcro, back glue: hook and loop back from viscose ( PS adhesive) On rubber high Zhou Bojiao (PC), 。 3 back to back Velcro: back-to-back fastening tape, ordinary hook surface and the surface of the hair back to back Velcro, ordinary hook surface and wool ( Fastening cloth) Back to back Velcro, mushroom head with normal hair side back to back Velcro, injection hook and a fleece back to back Velcro. Hook 4 hook Velcro, MAO MAO fastening belt, hook with Velcro, MAO hook wool with surface fastening belt, hook Velcro, MAO MAO hook with sticky strap. 5 no fluff hook and loop, no fluff fastening belt, do not grab Velcro, don't catch hair sticky strap, do not brush Velcro, don't brush fastening belt. 6 hook Velcro, soft hook Velcro, baby supplies, Velcro, baby supplies fastening belt, hook fastening belt, soft hook fastening belt.
have manifold custom hook and loop effects, ranging from custom hook and loop tape to custom hook and loop tape.
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