Special wiring sells Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-17
Richard line belt is a to bind computer peripheral line, tidy home line Velcro. Specializing computer line, rich colors, complete specifications, can be customized. Material: nylon, polyester, blended colors: black, white, red, blue, green and other specification: 25 * 260 mm * 276 mm / 20 functions such as: simple to use, fast operation, sorting, binding purposes: finishing binding equipment, computer peripheral line, is advantageous to the bedroom and the office environment, avoid spider web type cable influence that occupy the home, office environment beautiful, makes life more convenient, space more broad expansion is beautify the cable of the good helper that occupy the home. Tied up with a strong adhesive force, more strong. Nylon buckle strap hook and loop, durable bedding line with the characteristics of the LOGO stickers: MAO parts and bundled convenient, arbitrary length, reusable, dedicated to various cable band. Purpose: 1, telecommunications ( Mobile, netcom, China unicom,) Computer cable bundle, shunt cable; 2, Internet cafe network wiring bundled with beam line 3, indoor decoration wire bundle; 4, home network cable, computer in various parts of the power cord bound; 5, and other industrial wiring, use the bundle, etc.
The increasing consumption demand in key segments such as custom hook and loop tape, custom hook and loop tape and custom hook and loop tape have been driving the sales of and its derivatives worldwide.
Jinjiang Nanxing Garment Weaving Co., Ltd. humbly request you to try this item in your centers and we assure you that you would be in a great pleasure with the results.
Another way to maintain the professional yet engaging innovative technology in custom hook and loop is by embedding new skills directly on manufacturing.
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