Sports products in the correct way of using the Velcro cable tie

by:BAILI     2020-09-15
Sports products in the correct way of using the hook and loop cable tie analysis on sports equipment and sportswear, we often see the use of Velcro cable tie, due to its use itself is more convenient, and life is long, so the favour. But if there is no way to GET it correct use in long-term use, you will find the failure, can't normal use. So what would be the right way to use? In daily use, whether it is torn or glue, efforts should be paid more attention to, and grasp the good point of view, so you can let rip's voice is reduced, and can easily open, and can guarantee the life of the Velcro cable tie; The time for cleaning, be sure to avoid corrosive stronger lotion, avoiding damage to its. S, in Velcro cable tie in the above products are not only used in sports equipment and clothing, more applications are in constant development, however, no matter used in which field, in everyday use, should be paid attention to are to master the correct method of use, this can lead to extend its service life effectively.
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