Strap the pros and cons of various materials

by:BAILI     2020-11-16

select a wrist watch to start from details, strap, crown, dial or a pointer and scale are part of the need to carefully chosen. Underneath, small make up from eight different strap material, compete the pros and cons of various materials, selected wrist to provide the reference for you. There are many kinds of leather band: cowhide leather, can be divided into small water leather, cow leather, cowhide, etc. The small leather cowhide is among the best in the class, is to use within 6 months after the birth of the calf leather tanning, skin texture fine grain, soft. Cow leather is the most frequent use category, characteristic is thick and elastic. As for the buffalo hide, fur sparse, rough surface, materials have qualitative feeling very look and feel, in fact is very soft, comfortable wearing. Leather band: crocodile in general, common used to strap the crocodile mainly comes from the alligators and caimans. Every one can make it but not crocodiles strap. Crocodile leather hard, at the end of the back and is not suitable for making strap, only the abdomen soft leather is suitable. The crocodile pattern can be divided into two - Square shape and circular, square shape from abdominal positive skin soft, round from the side of the abdomen skin. Because a crocodile can only make a few strap, so the price does not poor. Suede leather band: suede is famous for its exquisite, good elasticity, very suitable for making strap, wear on your wrist soft and comfortable. Look carefully, texture clear, we will find the suede leather feeling is very strong, compared with other leather, lighter weight, more soft texture. Metal band: Bai Jinbai metals precious metals, the use of precious metals to build strap watch is generally more costly, its price is also high. Precious metal strap with 18 K gold, the most common K gold color with white and yellow, White gold, yellow gold and rose gold) , in addition to this, the most high-end is made of platinum, this table belongs to the most luxurious expensive watch. K gold ( Including plating) Watch the most afraid of contact with water cut silver class of chemicals, including some cosmetics and drugs for external use only, once stained, immediately surface discoloration, become lukewarm tu, lose gold luster. Metal band: pure aluminium steel as the name suggests is the essence of steel, the so-called white steel strap. Most watches are now using the material of the strap, the advantage is more durable, weakness is I easily have scratches. 316 l stainless steel is stainless steel, corrosion resistance is very strong, simple sense is very good. Main ingredients are Fe, Cr, Ni, Mo, density is close to iron, general won't cause an effect to human body skin. Swiss watches usually adopt this kind of material manufacturing watchcase and crown and band. 904 l stainless steel is a kind of heat resistant stainless steel alloy, as much as 21% of chromium alloy content, make its corrosion resistance equivalent to that of the precious metal materials. Other materials band: ceramic pottery and porcelain is bright and clean, wear-resisting, not hurt the skin, the main ingredient is zirconia, under the condition of a certain temperature to obtain a good processability, again through the use of advanced processing method, made into fine watchcase, strap, can also through the special method to make all sorts of color, more show luxuriant nobility. High-tech ceramics are extremely fine zirconium oxide or titanium carbide powder, the powder with high pressure injection mould, in 1450 degrees centigrade high temperature sintering furnace form is not easy to wear ceramic components; With a polished diamond powder. Other materials band: with spun silk feels wonderful unsurpassed very soft, besides, its permeability, wearing comfortable and hygroscopicity were very outstanding. The emergence of silk quality strap, is not only the strap material innovation, but also an expression of time the perfect product of silky feel. Other materials band: this is a kind of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (rubber RTV) , add different additives can change its colors, hardness, strength, quality and weight, so can produce each are not identical and the same beautiful rubber strap. It can not only resistant to high temperature and low temperature, from minus 90 degrees Celsius to above 300 degrees Celsius zero is not bad, but also has a strong water resistance and corrosion resistance, there will be no bacterial growth, the most important thing is that it can achieve decades of life, absolutely is one of the optimization of strap material

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