Strong back glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-09-07
Strong back glue Velcro and other performance of Velcro has certain difference, in other words, a strong back glue Velcro will viscous than ordinary back glue hook and loop performance is much better. Powerful back glue if magic TieZhu by ordinary nylon Velcro after high temperature hot machining, and then through strong adhesive glue has melt pieces evenly daub is on the back Velcro, after the glue on the reverse of the curing in paper is labeled as a layer of oil from the type, forming the strong back glue Velcro we usually use. Strong back glue hook and loop than ordinary glue viscous force more stable and can be posted in many materials, such as plastic, metal, wood, concrete, whitewashed walls and other materials on the surface, only need to press the back glue hook and loop gently in material surface, wait 24 hours later, the glue of the viscous force can achieve 90% above, glue and material physical reaction infiltration surface, the longer time the more viscous force, viscous force endurance can be up to 10 years or so; So, in the certain industries such as plastic, metal, the need for a strong back glue Velcro with bigger, because in these industries need glue viscous force is much better than the average glue, therefore, back glue Velcro is the most suitable products. For more information please pay attention to the company's official website:
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