Super viscous fluid injection hook Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-02
Generally we buy injection hook hook and loop, basically is to use it to a fixed item, so incredibly want fixed objects, then its paste must be very good, or we will have loss. Interstate hing textile to introduce a kind of applicable to require strong nylon hook and loop fixed object, it is injection hook Velcro, have excellent tensile resistance, strong tensile strength enough to rival mechanical fixation, so it is suitable for less to powerful fixed and remove the object. Shoot hook hook and loop hook surface has a characteristic very, shaped like a mushroom, known as the mushroom head. Because of its hook surface through special processing, buckle and excellent peel strength. Plasticizer resistant, resistant to moisture, uv resistance, solvent resistance, superior tensile properties of the different, repeatable closed, no intermediate prolapse, noise, vibration, etc. Injection hook Velcro besides excellent tensile resistance, the effect also can maintain is nine, viscous force strong, sustained sustainable 3 - viscosity Loss in five years, at the same time, high and low temperature resistance, stick to plastic surface will not react with plastic plasticizer of composition, maintain a strong viscous force. Such as curtain, electric tools, car interior trim and other components, such as the trunk lid, sports protective equipment, grinding and polishing tools, as well as protective clothing products, etc.
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