Take you have a thorough understanding of Velcro not a problem

by:BAILI     2020-10-23
Remember to save, taboo and corrosive material placed together, of adhesion in the air will influence the performance of the Velcro, can appear when used again not sticky situation; 。 Uncover when using guarantee and trash content in contact, can appear otherwise viscous weak even not sticky situation; Paste paste the clean degree of content, anytime you try to be clean and tidy; Don't want to tear left and right. With the improvement of economic level, the purchase demand, more care about is how long this item can use, whether or not environmental protection, take the magic stick! The consumers in the purchase hook and loop, you will be given its service life, environmental protection, are wondering how long it last, viscous and how many times can reach? Velcro is a kind of can repeat use of new products, so as long as reasonable usage is generally not use failure, usually can be repeatedly used for a long time. But one thing need to know, Velcro loss amounts of tear is sticky, as long as the service life of the Velcro has certain, according to different quality, number of tearing would gradually reduce the adhesion strength. But it was good nylon Velcro generally have a test, usually using a few years is no problem. Velcro non-stick reasons: 1, the material is bad, material lead to different results must be different. 2. Use the right way, this also is the most important thing. 3. Bear heavier, it is just little things. 4. Surface is not clean, to paste a great hindrance. Velcro not sticky solution: first, hard plastic hook surface stick too much debris, can use the sharp objects such as toothpicks will find clear clutter. Second soft sticky surface peeling, sticky hairs, crashing to modified. Finally the end, just to buy on the net, after all, the hook and loop a cheap. To Velcro service life is long, viscous lasting, need to be aware of, and open the way also should pay attention to the Velcro, use up and open the way, the best around dead open, easy to cause the Velcro hook fracture, so that the service life of the Velcro is not long! Velcro as a kind of auxiliary materials of dress collocation, simple in operation, not only improve the performance of the clothing, also makes the clothes look more beautiful and practical, many clothes now use Velcro represents the red buttons and belt, and the magic stick is a kind of very green textile accessories, washable, is the sunlight, won't cause harm to human body, easy to use, has become a part of the dress it is very important, so many clothing designers will choose one of Velcro as a design element. Is in the garment industry, not just in the arts and crafts, sports equipment, medical equipment, automobile, aviation products. 。 。 Some high-end products of science and technology is also used to join some of the design of the Velcro, make it more beautiful, flexible and convenient to use! The quality of the Velcro is important because of its service life. In order to better use of it, we should choose some more high quality material for construction, on the material of nylon, polyester, blends the three, nylon material is good, now the Velcro market development prospect is considerable, now a lot of products need to design with hook and loop, used in combination, and is more flexible, good heat resistance and cold resistance. Such as back to back Velcro this product, the service life of back to back Velcro to a certain extent, determines the service life of the product, such as wristbands, knee, the hook and loop if damaged, use above the knee will follow loose, can cause the wristbands cannot normal use.
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