Talk back glue Velcro craft ideas come from

by:BAILI     2020-10-23
Back glue Velcro, this can be seen everywhere in life has a great effect. Back glue Velcro on the back there is a layer of trait called glue, can tear the paper, through grandaunt pressure to use it. In daily life, the most used where is the bathroom, there was no place to hang towels, for example, we can use glue Velcro back to solve this problem, use rise very convenient also. Back glue Velcro is very common in our daily life, the Velcro manufacturer that can be used for good things, can stick a detachable, very convenient. Back glue hook and loop big man's concept is a viscous, can paste. Can stick on the toy, can use all place to paste, back glue Velcro and appliances have relations, has brought great contribution to the development of electrical appliances. Therefore, the general function and creative optional paste is back glue Velcro features! Back glue Velcro history is very long, once the Velcro complex production process, cost is higher, to the enterprise's development has brought a lot of trouble. Now back glue Velcro has grown into a variety of shapes of the structure of the Velcro, such as salt Velcro, plastic hook hook and loop, etc. The invention of the plastic hook Velcro bring back glue Velcro changed a lot. On the abrasive machining hook type, and injection molding. The Velcro need special mold to produce, processing is difficult, the cost is high, it also brings to the practical application of a great deal of inconvenience.
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