Teach you 6 give you a burst of Velcro sales

by:BAILI     2020-09-29
Market level contains the product and the service competition, the number of dimensions, respectively is needs, goals, and occasion. Among them, the situation including time, place, situation and experience. Any kind of products and services can from these dimensions. Therefore, as long as we slightly change on these dimensions, such as 'remove a dimension', 'as a dimension in sequence', 'combine two dimensions', etc. , we can get new product/service, thus to make products to bloom. Here is by changing the dimension, hook and loop and services easily implement sales six skills: sales skills one: change requirements, covering this dimension refers to another function is to choose a our current Velcro has not been covered by the requirements, and to consider in order to meet the requirements in terms of product innovation. Sales skills 2: change the place, put your product in a new situation in this dimension refers to the selection in the Velcro/service is impossible to present the purchase, use and consumption place. Sales skills 3: change the target, individual, multiple individuals, or a group for those who are unlikely to buy or use a product/service of potential targets. Sales skills 4: change the time, choosing a new moment this dimension including purchase, use, or consumption enterprise supplies new moment. Sales skills 5: change the situation, will be associated with a particular event this dimension is to create some new applicable for hook and loop events and situations specific product always associated with some occasions and events. Change activities and sales skills six: put Velcro at various experience this dimension refers to the choice of Velcro is appropriate and the hook and loop is not currently into consideration.
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