Teach you how to identify Velcro back-to-back fiber function

by:BAILI     2020-11-03

now, back to back hook and loop demand more and more big, in all aspects of our career it has fight, the hard to avoid has attracted many businessmen's appetite, as is now appear on the market many varieties of back to back Velcro, is for the better satisfied with our career, back to back Velcro with our common but again, the beginning of Velcro is used on clothing to serve as an integration of complementary makings, follow its price performance step by step, back to back Velcro of wide application fields are also persist, the growth of the Velcro can mobilize the rest of the industry's growth, as some of the electronics industry, they use a Velcro to tied to product lines, to speed up the labor rate of electronic products, the enterprises in the purchase of the number of times are unusually large, visible in the quality of the Velcro is unusually good, but there are so many businessmen to thrift capital made in Velcro quality is not very good, making main body is composed of yarn, want magic stick with a long time, let's fibre of the yarn in hand, will good fast recognize in the fiber, so much Velcro quality can be guaranteed.

now used to make Velcro fiber has many kinds, but not all of the fiber can be used to make Velcro, want to be processed into Velcro is necessary to know the characteristic of the fiber, is with us at the moment of choice Velcro is about to see the magic with no such characteristics, if have made clear the Velcro quality is very good, if do not have, that this is a fake, it let's get together to understand the function of fiber.

1。 Good mechanical function: good raw material labor in Velcro can support a certain force, in their processing and sewing time will pass by some external force test, such as stretching, rotating, twists and turns of differences of the level of force, this will make some degree of deformation, if within the size of the pass, just to clarify such hook and loop is in the exam.

2。 Contentment fiber types defined: the length and width of fiber, we want to see the magic stick in the early stage of the forming yarn moment is to surround entangled, if the length and width of indeterminacy of dispute, so much to do in Velcro disambiguation of dispute is organized, very tasteful.

3。 Moisture absorption, breathable function: there are a lot of Velcro is above our intimates, perspire easily on morning time, so much so Velcro, you must have good moisture absorption and ventilation effect, so much of the magic stick is good.

choice back to back Velcro moment never means less, don't think this is a small items, we will be able to buy casually, quality closes nevertheless have time to deal with we can form some great loss.

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