Textile back glue Velcro with peers than what advantage

by:BAILI     2020-10-14
Our company is a hook and loop ( Fastening belt) , back glue Velcro, don't catch hair Velcro, Velcro cable tie, hook and loop strap and hook and loop, curls with Velcro, protection pads, anti-collision door stop, hooks, hot melt adhesive, from type paper products such as professional production processing company, with complete and scientific quality management system, there are 9 years of experience in production and manufacturing. Has the advantage of price and quality. Customers covered car manufacturing industry, furniture manufacturing, textile industry, exhibition equipment, sports equipment, medical supplies, travel supplies, clothing textiles, toys, stationery industry, electronic industry, etc. Don't scratch Velcro is suitable for special USES of the special environment, MAO MAO surface durability, also not hair removal, and glue adhesive effect after the same normal Velcro back. Keep the hair side complete micro ring type, neat and beautiful appearance, with hair side through carding technology hasp force viscous force. Features: material is qualitative soft, feel good, not easy to absorb water, long service life and can match soft hook use effect is best. Specification: 16 mm - 110 mm wide, 25 meters a roll of long; Color: standard black and white, also can be customized according to customer's color. Lamination optional: ordinary hot melt adhesive and 3 m glue; According to the customer request processing, cut into various shapes, such as round, oval, heart-shaped, rectangle, triangle, flowers, letter is mainly suitable for: such as baby products, high-grade clothing, health care supplies, camera bags, sporting goods, often in direct contact with body, skin products. Our company back glue Velcro a variety of product specifications and also can according to customer requirements and provide the form a complete set of drawings, samples, design of mould and customized cutting and cutting all kinds of shapes, quality assurance, price concessions, delivery on time, the good faith is supreme, the customer, welcome the masses of customer calls, to sample, to map, or QQ consulting procurement, want want or visit to negotiate, we wholeheartedly at your service! To learn more about our company more products and services to call 15920637637.
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