Textile color fastening belt, the different visual effects

by:BAILI     2020-10-21
Fastening belt, is a common connection accessories on the clothes, molecular mother two sides, one side is a small soft fiber, round (MAO 循环) The other side, is a hard hook seta ( 钩) 。 The general clothes HOOK on it. Fastening belt can also be dyed the color you want according to the requirement, bring you different visual effect. Color fastening belt is widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, gloves, bags, sofa, seat cushion, transport, aviation supplies, poncho, curtains, toys, sleeping bags, sports equipment, audio equipment, medical equipment, tents, BMX sheath, all kinds of military products, electronic wire, chargers, display equipment, etc. What color fastening belt is dyed? How do you made? Below small make up to introduce it to everyone: sticky strap products across the basic production process the following procedures: 1, the first is the loom to the raw material of nylon yarn by inkle loom cause germ band shape. 2, in the high temperature dyeing equipment will semi-finished germ band dyed all sorts of color. 3, fastening belt suede germ band is to dye the color in the first napping machine equipment will color germ band suede brush after curly again by sizing shapes. 4, hook surface is will dye good hook surface sizing to finalize the design after the germ band on the surface of the nylon monofilament through import cutting machines hook uniform to give the appropriate cutting monofilament was formed with sticky germ band. 5, fastening belt germ band and the imported article points the books give width of article points to the required specifications. To cut off the required length and volume after packing finished products.
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