Textile industry faces and the development direction

by:BAILI     2020-11-15

in recent years, the third world emerging economies as well as the economic developed countries 'industrialization' strategy, to make our country's textile industry is 'double down' by the international environment. Textile industry in China due to labor costs, energy costs, transportation costs, environmental governance costs is very high, low-grade textile processing cost advantage has completely lost, the United Kingdom, the United States of 'industrialization' strategy, make the pressure on China's textile industry. The 'five love cat king cup' 2015 China yarn quality and new product development technology BBS held recently in wuxi, jiangsu province. Industry experts and cotton textile related upstream and downstream enterprises around the deepening transformation and drive the development of the theme, discuss the way of cotton industry innovation and development. The Chinese Academy of Engineering Yao Mu current industry suffered from the reality of the 'double down', put forward innovation drive, quality first, the green development, structural optimization, two fusion, brand development and the ecological civilization is the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry in China, by the development of the big teams. Textile industry in China has encountered obsolete equipment selection, the textile fiber raw material quality is low and the restriction of the economic system and policy, the rapid development of social market and fashion with each passing day, textile technology industrialization and informationization 'two combination', the development trend of textile industry in China is suffering from 'textile big country' to 'textile powers' critical period of transformation. Under this on and under the special environment, transformation and upgrading of textile industry must, innovation and development. At the same time, the textile industry is also facing a series of raw material resource, cost, natural environment, social environment and other factors. One of the most critical is the restriction of textile materials, the United Nations global population forecast for 2050 is changing constantly, published in 2000, 7. 6 billion to June 2013, number 9. 6 billion, recently, people have put forward will reach 10 billion ~ 10. 5 billion. So, population increase, arable land, tension become a difficult problem in front of people, natural fiber plant is difficult to guarantee. To protect the earth's environment, forest and green space will no longer allow wanton cutting, wood pulp, such as limit strictly, regenerated fibre materials such as viscose fiber will be strictly restricted. Facing natural fibre, regenerated fiber, synthetic fiber development restriction factor, the textile fiber must find another way out. As far as possible need not grain, but with the saline-alkali land, HuangTanDe, sloping fields planting textile natural ingredients. At present, in our country yunnan honghe at an altitude of 1200 meters on the hillside, 28 degrees north latitude region south of planting cotton, flowering 3 times a year, and cotton boll 3 times, is as good as natural fiber raw materials. In addition, the development and utilization of new varieties as far as possible, both neither occupies a grain, not of farmland, forest protection, grassland protection and exploitation and utilization of abandoned natural textile fiber at present. For example, plants the kapok fiber, horned melon, lotus stalk fiber; Captive fur animals, such as mink, fox, wusuli river raccoon stallion villi of animal shedding hair down, etc. Drive innovation, quality first, the green development, structural optimization, two fusion, brand development and the ecological civilization is the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry in China, the big teams route, guiding ideology and the development of important measures. Textile industry should uphold the principle of many varieties, small batch, fast delivery, closely with market research, analysis, and grasp the market demand and trends, to collaborative research, innovation, research and development, the formation of a stable, continuous research and development team and implementation plan; Make use of high performance fibers, new functional fiber, fiber and mixed production multifunctional varieties; Attaches great importance to the textile industry extending industrial chain, including the textile fiber varieties, specifications, pretreating and performance and chemical fiber raw materials, textile accessories, accessories and their specifications, variety, quality, performance, safety, reliability, etc. , attaches great importance to the final product design, processing, packing, transportation and market. Especially the market end products, this is the product and the whole textile industry product design, process design, source of information and the final basis. At the same time should pay attention to the textile industry chain link between design in each process of coordinate and cooperate with each other. The whole textile industry chain should be combined into a whole, the construction of technology innovation as the core and the power, centering on the strategic cooperation union as a whole, work together and support each other, as the unified goal to work hard. Large leading enterprises also attaches great importance to the complete and perfect the industry chain and more closely with small and medium-sized enterprises, around the unification of the end product of form a complete system. Big companies do the 'new', 'strong', 'pure', small and medium-sized enterprises do do ', ', 'special', every enterprise should really be unified innovation main body. Enterprise product performance, quality to adapt to the needs of society, do 'high, new, special, fine,'. Stronger manufacturing to services at the same time. Textile association Simon very big, but must develop and expand, a leading effect in the world, and extends to the services and manufacturing services. In addition, the textile and garment industry the industry more require multidisciplinary cross joint, combined theory with practice, with innovative ideas of scientific and technological personnel, including the informatization, the combination of digital and engineering talent. Relevant industry information, please refer to the textile industry market research and analysis report.

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