Textile manufacturing new normal trend

by:BAILI     2020-11-15

although in recent years, significant progress in science and technology, the textile industry in China and driving the development of the industry innovation, but our country textile industry independent innovation ability in general is still relatively weak, in the industry to the high-end, the sustainable development of the textile materials, textile innovation design and development of high-end and high technology, advanced processing technology, textile ecological dyeing and finishing technology and application of electronic, information and automation technology to upgrade still remain to speed up the development of textile industry, etc. In 2015 China's textile industry to intelligent manufacturing as the breakthrough point, the implementation of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration action, accelerate the intelligent manufacturing production mode. Implementation process intelligent manufacturing key process, key positions and robot alternative project, to speed up the wearable devices, intelligent product and so on service robot development, for the textile industry to accelerate industrial 4. Construction of 0, for the textile industry for 'smart' in the spring. As a big textile manufacturing country, China is gearing up transformation and upgrading, some leading enterprises are constantly enhance the level of intelligence, is to create 'intelligent factory'. Marketing through the Internet of things and service network to intelligent devices, storage systems and production facilities into the real physical system of virtual network ( CPS) , in the construction based on virtual fitting, and the networked customization system of big data technology, virtual operating speed on the mobile end interconnection, intelligent, further utilize the information in the field of textile and garment technology, actively develop intelligent production technology. Textile manufacturing in the new normal is in high speed, high end, the innovation drive, but the new normal, insufficient recognition of many small and medium-sized enterprises of textile science and technology innovation, will be on the edge of the textile industry in technological innovation, think 'traditional industry without science and technology innovation'. Textile industry chain is very long, involved from the manufacturing, textile processing, to the textile dyeing and finishing end products, each link related to the processing technology, chemistry, physics, machinery, information, environment, life science technology and multidisciplinary. The textile industry of our country, more than 99% are small and medium-sized enterprises, combined with high-level personnel in the textile industry professional and technical personnel of lower year by year, in the textile light of engineering practice in higher engineering education phenomenon is outstanding, the textile industry in the engineering science and technology development. In order to further promote the technological innovation of small and medium-sized textile enterprises, cultivating and construction, encourage and the introduction of advanced textile industry science and technology innovation service, will become the industry workers. In 2015 China's textile industry, collaborative innovation interaction between a variety of new science and technology, promote the development of textile technology, has become the inevitable trend

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