The accurate application of Velcro and interest

by:BAILI     2020-09-01

Velcro convenient in our daily life, at the same time, also be regarded as a form of consumables. Actually, in fact, because the application of high frequency Velcro man presents owe good environment, and is for the use of indirect means less environment. If you can perhaps should be accurately magic stickers, is it still can be a long service life. Then, let's come to understand in detail the application of the intended to stop the hook and loop?

should be accurately Velcro patch must learn to just close the Velcro, closed method is from top to bottom, so close the sound will be smaller, and more close, life extension application. Other, application of new type of Velcro, in washing time must pay attention to good Velcro stick after washing, in order to avoid the magic stick to take effect. Like many users usually often close to wash, easy to form a shortened the service life of the Velcro. In the end, but also pay attention to the washing detergent must avoid corrosive strong, avoid serious adverse influence on the formation Velcro, extend its life.


in many cloth shoes, often can see the back glue Velcro cable tie, because of its existence, cloth shoes becomes tasteful and applicable. Back abnormal adhesive Velcro is common, in all aspects of life is inseparable from it, such as bags, cell phone sets, dress up, compared with buttons, pins, back glue Velcro has following three major interests.

one might is able to stick on the outside of the career supplies. Deal with a sticky all things, to be able to paste, just stick to the great power capacity is necessary to unplug, both have the influence of cohesion, have decoration products. The second is convenience. Tricks back glue stick, and application is very easy to carry and many occasionally sudden environment, once the necessary Velcro can perhaps help you paste, a second work. Three is protective. Match loops in this kind of product, abnormal soft Velcro himself, in the process of friction and collision can act as a buffer, they may be much power discharge, acted as the effect of protective film.

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