The advantage of back glue Velcro share!

by:BAILI     2020-09-11
The advantage of back glue Velcro share! Must also have a lot of friends do not know, here small make up to introduce to everyone rushed back glue Velcro type: type rushed back glue Velcro is an extension of the ordinary glue Velcro back, back glue is coated with a layer of hot melt adhesive, torn off after the mold on the reverse of the paper can be directly pasted on the surface of the product, with ordinary hair hook, rushed back glue Velcro, too, more than just a stamping process and stamping is to use the machine to back glue hook and loop rushed into various shapes, can according to customer requirements processing into any given shape, as long as it is in the 5 - Within 150 mm of shape, can according to your request to make, co. , LTD. , is true: only you can't think of, no we can't do. 1. Hot melt adhesive back glue can easily uncovered the Velcro on the back, the debonding of the paper can be pasted on the object of all kinds of sliding, high viscosity, quick sticky, viscous paste after 1 hour can reach 90%. Suitable temperature - 20C- +70C。 Yakeli back glue is resistant to DOP, and does not produce glue, high temperature resistant, hard pressing needs in 24 hours after rear can peak viscosity. The late good stickiness, applicable temperature: - 20C- +110C。 It is suitable for automobile, computer, medical, bathroom supplies, etc. ; When cleaning the Velcro must stick good to clean, so that to prevent failure, to avoid corrosive detergent when washing. Powerful pull Velcro, prevent movement and open design. So tear left and right hook and loop can make the Velcro hook broken cause failure or to force the magic stick with the corset apart. Must bear in mind that the magic stick open way is to open the can up and down. Sound small and easy to open the way! Remember about forcibly torn, lead to improper use, buyers think Velcro not durability or wrong belong to quality problems. Bring back glue fastener can be in - 10 ℃ to 50 ℃ temperature range. For viscous above, as long as the stick, unless with great effort, general won't fall down. Rushed back glue Velcro environmental protection, stitching not crack, glue more, heat resistant, cold resistant, durable. Use very convenient.
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