The analysis of the causes of deformation of Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-09
A lot of people wonder why Velcro after wash water will deformation, wrinkle, a wave? That hook and loop with everyone today to just understand why after wash water will be deformation and Velcro is influenced by what happens. Affect the deformation of Velcro because the fabric material and the ribbon material, organizational structure is not consistent, two kinds of material shrinkage is different, the difference in shrinkage. Velcro is actually made inside the oil refining of raw materials, everyone will think, Velcro material is nylon yarn and polyester yarn, what is the relationship between oil, in fact, the oil can be said to be the most useful products, so the Velcro material nylon yarn and polyester yarn is the oil through chemical decomposition, the formation of a plastic compound, and then put the plastic compound refined into a transparent nylon plastic particles, nylon yarn is nylon particles after melting machine, and then draw wire, thus forming a very fine yarn, the yarn woven nylon Velcro again. Velcro have high low price, product type also divides a lot of kinds, for is not very good, can feel how some people can sell so cheap, but some families sell so expensive, the expensive and cheap, certainly is not the same as somewhere, like we buy clothes, why brand clothing is expensive, but there are still a lot of people to buy, because the brand to trust let us, and some businesses with an imitation of the nylon material as nylon is used, so as to keep the price low, in fact, whether all nylon, identify the best way to teach everyone a, use lighter to burn, if take white smoke, is true of nylon, if it is a black smoke, is the imitation of nylon and polyester. Velcro application still have a lot in life, sometimes we will buy when there is no heart to an application to the Velcro, visible Velcro has played a large role in our daily life, the hook and loop in the process of using brings us what are the benefits? This we will come up from the using characteristics of Velcro analysis, the use of Velcro is very simple, it can be virtually improve our pace of life and quality, such as blood pressure in the hospital, only need a simple bound can be achieved some appliance installation and disassembly, and in the process of infusion or it can be effective in the process of surgery to fix our surgical equipment. Secondly Velcro in the process of using can add some color to our life, these are reflected in what respect? Find the hook and loop will be applied in all kinds of clothing and headgear, this will add a lot of colour to our life, because of the change of the Velcro is many, it can effectively enrich people's life, give life add a lot of glory. hook and loop is good, but we have to prevent it from deformation, because once the deformation will appear not sticky or the problem of low viscosity, will affect the use effect of it. Strong resistance to deformation, the core technology, can recover soon after deformation, welcome to inquire: 15920637637 / Liang Sheng
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