The application and advantages of cingulate

by:BAILI     2020-09-29
1, the fastening belt belong to what industry first we will introduce fastening with the use of this product. Fastening belt is widely used in aviation supplies, sports equipment, gloves, clothing shoes and hats, seat cushion, sofa, tents, plastic poncho, curtains, car wheel sheath toys, sleeping bag, audio equipment, leather bags, medical equipment, transport, and all kinds of chargers, military products, electronic wire, display equipment, etc. Then announced to give you the answer, using and fastening belt belongs to textile accessories industry, widely for all walks of life to provide fastening belt and other hook and loop product! 2, fastening belt tied with what advantage? Sticky strap tie also called Velcro cable tie, use very simple, green environmental protection, recyclable, affordable, can be in the hook and loop firm take can be printed according to customer requirements needed for professional production and sales of various back glue Velcro, stamping Velcro, injection hook Velcro, Velcro product variety qi, the specification entire, high quality, color sample. Velcro back glue Velcro, blunt type, injection hook Velcro service hot line: 0769 - 22013784 / Mr Liang. ( This site keywords: back glue Velcro, stamping Velcro, penetrate hook Velcro manufacturer, fastening belt manufacturer, hook and loop, fastening belt, back glue Velcro, back adhesive cingulate, Velcro cable tie)
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