The application of back glue Velcro in the clothing industry

by:BAILI     2020-10-03
Back glue Velcro is widely used in life, the most common is the most widely in the industry of garment making. Back glue Velcro to until now, technology is already very mature, it can be flexible to use in many aspects of life. Stamping back glue Velcro can be all kinds of specifications and shapes, the cover of the foot pad can be used as a 櫈 chair, also can cover the support of advanced audio and video and other home electric, can also be used for raincoat, clothing, handbags, only hard to unravel hook and loop opposite the debonding of the paper, you can paste on each type of lubrication clean objects, particularly useful in the paper, coated PVC, PP, ABS, convenient and quick, use is very wide. Practical size: plastic, PVC, paper products, stationery, raincoats, plastic, leather, wood, metal, electronics, glass, ceramic, automotive supplies, bathroom supplies, etc. USES and features: only hard to unravel Velcro opposite the debonding of the paper, you can paste on each type of lubrication clean objects, particularly useful in the paper, coated PVC, PP, ABS, paste viscosity after 1 hour and can reach 90%. The back glue Velcro ( Since the glue type) , also known as double-sided adhesive stickers. Refers to the ordinary Velcro and special Velcro strap themselves, basically through low temperature hot melt glue machine, glue will melt in normal Velcro and especially the opposite side of the Velcro tape, with a layer of oil from type paper, back glue Velcro is finished. Ordinary lamination processing plexus to 12. 5-200 - mm wide between the specifications of the processing of gum, ordinary lamination processing to processing the following information; Ordinary hook and loop of gum, plastic hook back glue, flannelette back glue, etc. Back-to-back processing data can be: ordinary hook wool processing, plastic hook stick flannelette processing, ordinary post ordinary wool processing, etc. 'Velcro' this product has its unique characteristics. Because it is a garment accessories, and using the product has a wide scale. And because it is a small commodity, the demand of each customer will not be huge. If without the state of the field of using traditional marketing wrist often need to consume a high price has a big use seemingly small things, back glue Velcro has grown about the widespread use throughout life, we often can see furniture feet have it, that is using it as furniture pads, this will prevent feet are worn. So, now our life is inseparable from the type of gum rushed Velcro.
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