The application of Velcro when riding

by:BAILI     2020-11-08

1。 Horse is a spiritual animals, so before the horse, want to use your women's gentle close to it, touch it, also can brush or fodder for them, for it to make it meet you, like you, the last of your arrangements. When it really accept you, you will find that it's big eyes that kind of gentle expression like lover amorous. 2. Don't from behind by the horse, from left front close to it, because it is behind the blind area, its eyes and it's special structure, magnify objects. If you are behind it, it suddenly found a monster, will instinctively kicked back. Standing beside the horse stepped on, don't get it even when I didn't mean to hurt boren, boren accidentally stepped on by me, there's no way. It is said that the horse's hind legs, very strong, they have even fright ruined the Wolf, with serial iron fist back. 3. Before the horse must let coach check whether girth fasten, fasten to the horse, girth is not fasten to the saddle, this is one of the most dangerous. Cycling in every once in a while also need to check the tightness of girth repeatedly. 4. Correct riding position is: foot the first step on the stirrup, upper body upright secure saddles, this is a small walk posture. Walk and run faster, lower leg knee and thigh forcibly sandwiched horses, lean forward, hip and saddle seems to touch touch, let the saddle with rhythm, the folks on your hips, body with horse movement rhythm of ups and downs. Push on the tiptoe, dismount when first push with his left foot tiptoe, then loosen the right foot, dismount. Dismount on tiptoe in the pedal is very important, once the horse frightened or rejected by and ran away, people at last fall, if all set foot in the stirrup, can drag stirrup, this is very dangerous. Don't take off to change clothes immediately, especially bright clothes, the horse easily look unfamiliar, horses running when you change clothes, people just fell off. Ride a horse, don't wear a skirt, it is neither elegant nor safe. It's best to wear and the breeches, riding boots to wear a hat, protect the head. If you don't have and the breeches, riding boots can wear a bit thick boots or jeans. Usually have a ready-made racecourse helmets, and crop and short just BuSi ( Also called hip package) Provided free of charge, if you didn't have equipped with riding boots, have just BuSi can also wear protection. Short just BuSi open like a piece of thick leather tanning, wrapped in the calf with Velcro or zipper hook and loop, fixed on the bottom of a holster can set on the shoes. Want again a little bit 'fevered', we need to equipped with a horse and a pair of boots. Don't delusion of himself as a genius, one to want to sped on horseback, immediately to patiently listen to the coach's advice and fully mastered the riding, to practice by the slow and fast.

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