The applications and principle of the thermal protective fabric

by:BAILI     2020-11-17

thermal protective fabric. 1. Thermal protective fabric: this kind of fabric should be book mainly in high temperature radiation environment. Request fabric has strong reflection can be well reflected radiant heat. General in the fabric surface coated metal film. Use at high temperature can melt, interference, the fiber. Such as aramid fiber, glass fiber and carbon fiber, etc. 2. Resistant to molten metal splash resistant protective fabric: in nursing after pouring the table from metal casting plant and the degree of abuse of contact with molten metal is as high as 650 - 1565 ( 。 This Ip environment. Request HangFei find resistance to molten function fabric. 3. Thermal insulation fabric: ABU requirements on certain occasions. You have to contact with hot objects. In order to avoid caused by fi conduction burns, burns. Request fabric has good heat insulation performance. 4. Fireproof fabric: firefighters wearing protective clothing requirements of sichuan and fireproof fabric. So. Require the fabric have good Yang radiation and heat insulation. The fabric should be used resistance and resistance to collect fi. The performance of resistance to melt. In order to avoid being hurt. '2) The principle of thermal protective fabric is 1. Hot when the temperature of A solid internal exist. Stitch will be from high to low temperature. In a unit of heat transfer by addressing is proportional to the coefficient of thermal conductivity. The smaller the coefficient of thermal conductivity. At the right time. Choose small coefficient of thermal conductivity of materials. To achieve the purpose of thermal protection. 2. Reflection based on the mechanism of radiation, if an object to object to the reflection coefficient of the radiation heat address will all be reflected back. In order to improve the reflection on the surface of the fabric is taught. 3. Increase the permeability of fabric under the environment of high temperature _ benevolence. Hot site is very easy to accumulate in fabric and the body in the table. If the fabric permeability is poor, can affect hot serious when will shadow! Stop wearing comfort.

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