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by:BAILI     2020-10-05
Speaking of back glue Velcro, cannot leave two treasure with industry in other words, is a treasure from type paper or from type membrane, then of course another treasure refers to glue. Early as we have said before, back glue Velcro is thermal pressure sensitive adhesive glue, generally due to the use of the attribute of different glue is different also. Glue is commonly used in industry to gluing machine, what when glue, below small make up to you to talk about. The so-called glue, is in the appropriate methods and tools to adhesive coated on the surface glue hook and loop back. Coating operation correctly or not, there is a big difference to the quality of adhesive. Glue the difficulty of size has a lot to do with its viscosity. For solventless adhesives, if the viscosity is too large, or because of low temperature becomes sticky, glue caused difficulties, glued surfaces can be a hair dryer preheat to 10 - a European 50°C。 If solvent adhesive viscosity is too large, the corresponding to diluent dilution are available, and then coated, is conducive to infiltration. Coating is the best in the glued surfaces handle, immediately after or conducted in 8 h after treatment. Coating method are many, but the methods of brush, scraping, pressure roller, according to the size and the size of the parts of how to decide. Manual brushing glue is paint brush or canvas, etc will glue solution in the surface of the back glue Velcro, this method is only applicable to little viscosity glue adhesive ( Generally contain solvents) And complex shape parts. Manual brushing glue is with a glass rod or scraping board tools such as evenly to glue on the back surface of glue hook and loop, this kind of method applies to the viscosity of glue Velcro back. The rolls are mainly used for laminating film or pressure sensitive adhesive tape. For large parts of the glue, available packages have felt wheel axle. Spraying method applicable to spray paint the same equipment, suitable for large area coating. Glue quantity will be directly related to the size of the rubber thickness, and the thickness of the rubber is decided to back glue Velcro bonding strength of one of the factors. Rubber thickness is too big, due to internal defects of rubber increased and volume shrinkage of cured when cause internal stress and led to the decrease of the bonding strength. Glue along one direction, best to slowly, try to keep even thickness. The size of the amount of glue and glued the kinds of things related to the variety of adhesive. For repair parts wear or scratch, sub general is required and set aside a certain size of machining allowance. For structural adhesive, the rubber completely infiltrates glued surfaces, the thinner the better. Because rubber the thinner, the less defects, deformation small, narrow, small internal stress, and the higher bonding strength. It is generally believed rubber thickness control in 0. 08 ~ 0. It is advisable to 15 mm. Fully infiltrates surface are adhesive.
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