The back glue Velcro advantage

by:BAILI     2020-09-03
Back glue Velcro advantage back glue Velcro processing and other ordinary magic with some differences, first back glue Velcro is generally white from type paper, less use like yellow paper and transparent paper, ivory paper, etc. General white paper has two kinds, one kind is upset, another is the thickness of the ordinary. Usually use is ordinary thickness from the shape of the paper, production if the customer does not specify said with which the thickness of the paper, textiles are generally average thickness of paper is used to carry on the processing. However, textiles will solicit opinions of the customer first, to customers. Back glue Velcro itself has two advantages, in the Velcro manufacturer is a kind of processing methods, one kind is gum features! Processing way comparison: 1, is often used to processing the back glue Velcro can be used for processing equipment for a conventional lamination processing, the two can be used in the processing of back-to-back nicely for certain processing. 2, the common back rubber machining can 12. 5mm- 200 mm wide between the specifications, if not in this range, cannot use normal lamination processing equipment. In general, normal back glue can machining the following materials: ordinary hook and loop of gum, flannelette back glue, plastic hook back glue, etc. 3, but back-to-back processing technology is a kind of a little more complicated, usually used for processing the materials include: plastic hook flannelette, ordinary hook flannelette, ordinary post ordinary wool etc.
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