The back glue Velcro cheer for his career

by:BAILI     2020-11-09

back glue Velcro must after gluing the working procedure, apply it to finalize the design capacity, or a few steps back to the cup and the lip! As usually adopt water-based glue, and oily glue two primarily, because of the persistence of water-based glue as usual is poorer, Clinton and stripping fastness, and capital is oily glue is high, but its strengths to manipulate a brief, pure moral stability

set less damage to the human body. Oily glue is a kind of inorganic solvent, its character is not stable, volatilizes easily, not easy to store, easy disintegration and manipulation of the hard, respiratory organs form easily damage to human body. Is a kind of dangerous goods, but the capital is very expensive, and stripping fastness is superior.

glue should pay attention to matters:

( 1) hook and loop tension relief.

( 2) The relief of blade Angle.

( 3) Service is bound to positive and negative ribbon distinguish stitched.

( 4) To prevent double belt influence the formation of moral character, defective rate.

( 5) Prevent belt has a crease.

( 6) Pay attention to the feed tank material do excessive.

( 7) Distinguish the color of the hook and loop by the shallow and deep, the gluing process.

at the moment of application back glue Velcro, should especially pay attention to some achievements:

1, for the back have glue glue back glue Velcro, can or strong and our tablet computers, mobile phones and other joint together. If you want to stick it on the love, can advance purchase a crystal shell set on the machine, then the back glue Velcro on the crystal shell, such application or double convenience;

2, friends at the moment of paste need to wipe clean the attached with the outside, in some easy and space initiative everyone not to put;

3, it is not only the tablets, are able to apply the back glue Velcro, only the attached with a surface cleaning can be.

just let's just beside the application of each piece of equipment, will have unexpected merits and accomplishments, let's cut his career a lot.

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