The back glue Velcro die cutting, rounding of nc machining process

by:BAILI     2020-10-07
The formation process of a lot of people back glue hook and loop curious, so good things, how it made, the following is by professional textile Velcro manufacturer to solve for you. Back glue Velcro die-cutting stamping process: first, proofread was ready to die cutting, generally observe whether accord with the requirement of the design draft. Steel wire, Line pressing knife) And steel knife ( Die cutting knife) Location is accurate; Slot hole cutter line whether to adopt the entire line, line whether turning Angle for the garden; In order to facilitate cleaning waste, narrow pass adjacent side of the connection whether increased connection part, made them together. The wedge Angle appears in the junction of two line whether phenomenon; If there is a sharp corners line ending on another problem such as the condition of the straight line in the middle of the paragraph. Die cutting version once appear afore-mentioned problems, immediate notice must be given to modification of plate making personnel is to avoid the waste of more time. Then, making good die-cutting, fixed installation within the space of die-cutting machine, adjust the location of the version. Adjust the layout of the pressure, to adjust the pressure of the steel knife. Boot stamping pad of paper and a few times, so that the steel knife touch flat, then use cardboard for pressure testing of version is greater than the die cutting layout, according to the steel knife cut cut marks on the board, the partial or full gradually increase the pressure or ways to reduce the number of paper backing layer, make the layout of the knife line pressure is uniform. Note: after the section pressure to adjust, will die cutting plate fixed well. Determine the rules, the general is die cutting back glue Velcro center for the most appropriate. Note: the above work is completed, should be die cut out of the back glue hook and loop sample, thorough check to see whether the indicators meet the requirements. After being full-time inspection staff sign the sample confirmed, mass production can be achieved. Textile and believe that there is competition there is progress, have innovation to competitive, on the basis of outstanding quality, service the vast number of customers. To introduce the world's advanced equipment, have the entity factory, strong technical force; With cutting-edge technology and management talent, with strict production process. From the open mold, proofing, production, processing, after the delivery, we implement one-stop services; With your sincere cooperation, create a win-win situation. Good machine, good quality, the price of the value, our tenet: quality first, customer first! Your demand is our power! Welcome to the factory at any time the field test. To explore the way, we have been ahead! On the way forward, with your trust and support, we must do better!
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