The back glue Velcro dyeing process has any characteristic

by:BAILI     2020-11-02
Back glue Velcro is everyone know that one of the most commonly used products, in any corner can probably meet with hook and loop this great instrument. Let's use of baby supplies, clothing, the equipment are basically have Velcro, back glue Velcro in the eyes of everyone, don't look very eye, but use, is very different, its consequences and plays an irreplaceable effect in industry product consequences, is no way to replace other devices of Velcro, hook and loop look really actually very short, only by MAO and hook face a combination of two kinds of materials, is just to add so much, just form to a rip pull, can perhaps stick two divisions objects together. Today let's know the Velcro in the process of the production of a pace - Dyeing. Velcro in distribution and other products, if the color is not consistent, there will be a differences of color matching, and it didn't become a full, with is that the Velcro in distribution, the colour of itself with the distribution of items of Velcro color must be consistent, so much, look ability have a kind of coordination. Dyeing process of reality, it also is very complex, will pass by many dye procedure ability a colour you want. As is, abnormal dyeing process is necessary to carefully, a bit not careful, colour will not consistent, the photometric distortion, has a great influence on the design of hook and loop. We usually use hook and loop, the dyeing process is not too high, high request to the character of the Velcro, strange request of dyeing process is also very high.
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