The back glue Velcro ( Fastening belt) Relationship with drive midge

by:BAILI     2020-11-14

see title you may be thinking, fastening belt drive midge has to do with? But everyone is feeling the mosquitoes in the summer of shadow, then the next small make up to introduce the use of fastening belt drive midge, believe that will certainly help to you. Fastening belt in addition to the clothes, bags, shoes and other products have universal application, I believe you must have seen outdoor tents and indoor mosquito nets are applied to the fastening belt, fastening with a buckle namely, the characteristics of a pull that is not only convenient for use, and fastening belt buckle together is extremely strong, durable, environmental protection, so in tents and mosquito nets with sticky strap products can avoid mosquito tents outside. So in addition to keep mosquitoes out of accounts, at home or have a mosquito flew in continuously? Here small make up teach you use opportunely sticky strap made of gauze door and window screen mesh, the fastening belt can not only help you drive midge, and convenient and useful, when you need to open doors and Windows when you only need to stick the cingulate gently pull open either, and sticky strap, convenient replacement also cheap and fine. How to use sticky strap made of gauze door and window screen mesh? According to the small make up these steps can be achieved. First to use ameasuring tape the size of the doors and Windows, and then according to the size of the door, window each purchase gauze and fastening belt, it is best to buy back glue type fastening belt, because it is more convenient. Then buy back the back adhesive and cingulate type according to the actual demand good tailoring, generally gauze door and window screen mesh are cut into, on both sides of the back adhesive cingulate requires according to the height of the doors and Windows each cut into blocks and the size of the right, then after installation of gauze brought back glue stick can be evenly. But you remember back adhesive cingulate rubberizing conditions is it stick adhesive surface must be smooth, and to ensure that the viscous force, general Windows have hardware, plastic, wood, etc. , and we have to ensure that the adhesive back strap stick by the doors and Windows have to clean the surface, so as to guarantee the fastening tape up to ensure enough time. Watching these people if they again! Deepened the understanding of the fastening belt, believe that everyone can easily learn to use opportunely seen after fastening belt drive midge gauze door and window screen mesh, the method of fastening with the artful made bed nets and also can be applied to your own tent, through this, use fastening belt not only keep mosquitoes outside doors and Windows, also can avoid residual molecules out of accounts, let's say with pervasive mosquito bye bye.

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