The back glue Velcro fastness should be caused take seriously

by:BAILI     2020-10-05
Everyone knows the purpose of the back glue hook and loop more extensive, it is often used in our lives a small items. Gum at the same time is more, the kinds of Velcro and color is various, it is not only simple black and white two colors, like red, orange, gray, cream-colored, blue wait for color are produced. However, it is because of the color of the back glue Velcro production more and more rich and colorful, so it followed the about the back glue Velcro color fastness testing. Because the factory production of a batch of good quality and a viscosity cingulate, nondiscolouring not only enables users to achieve the best effect when using, but also won't affect people's health. Because, back glue hook and loop in the case of decoloring, will produce heavy metal ions, while the heavy metal ions have a certain influence on people's health. So, remind everybody when buying back glue Velcro must be sticky strap color fastness as a quite important link to treat, it is better to have professional instrument to test the color fastness of the back glue Velcro. Not only can we want to know, back glue Velcro on everyday items such as shoes, bags, curtain, and more also use on clothes and trousers, some also use in pregnant women and children's clothes, so we buy back glue Velcro on color fastness to attention, so in this way, we won't buy back glue Velcro quality is bad, also won't because the back glue Velcro color fading problem caused not firm, and affect our health.
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