The back glue Velcro in hand, the worry go easy

by:BAILI     2020-09-17
The back glue hook and loop in hand, the worry to secure products audience is widely is determined by the characteristics of the product, back glue Velcro for its high durability and the characteristics of strong sex makes its application field from daily development in areas such as medicine, science and technology, investigate its original, or because it has brought great convenience to people, solved many problems. Footwear design, for example, a child is not like common bundled or pull chain shoes, after all, children ability is limited, while the back glue Velcro in the use of the shoe can easily solve the trouble, just hand pull, oneself can slippers or wear shoes, dispense with the bustle of adults. Again such as curtain and the design of the curtain, such as heavy doors and Windows, opening and closing, fixed is sitting, fortunately, the design of the back glue hook and loop make this problem solved, the curtains and curtain easily stuck, fixed in a corner. More importantly, because of its durable, can be repeatedly used, and will not effect by using many times. For people, therefore, only the back glue hook and loop in hand, troubles go easy
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