The back glue Velcro product features

by:BAILI     2020-09-02
Viscosity compared to the product itself is a kind of viscous products belong to, and for viscosity, it can basically all paste products, for the above articles for daily use, use it is good. For viscous above, as long as the stick, unless with great effort, general won't fall down. 1. Convenience to use the product, can paste a lot, so it brings convenient, as long as you use the magic back stickers, can paste on convenient transport, and in use rise very convenient also, some hands to get things, however, is to paste to live by this product. 2. Protective for protective, it itself is soft, so in the process of collision, if use the back glue Velcro can act as a buffer, give off the power, so it is the equivalent of a protective film, make the product in the use of more convenient. Processing way of contrast are often used to machining back glue Velcro equipment can be used in the ordinary lamination processing, can also be used for machining the back-to-back nicely. Ordinary lamination processing can be processed from 12. 5mm- The specifications of the back glue between 200 mm wide, if not in this between, cannot use normal lamination processing, in general, normal lamination processing can be processed the following several kinds of materials: ordinary hook and loop of gum, flannelette back glue, such as plastic hook back glue and processing is a slightly more complicated craft back-to-back, usually used for processing the materials include: plastic hook flannelette, ordinary hook flannelette, ordinary post ordinary wool etc. Back glue characteristics comparison back glue Velcro from type paper used usually is white, and yellow paper and transparent color, milky white paper is not how to use. And general white from type paper is increasing and average thickness, thickness of commonly used are common from type paper, therefore, if the production when you don't say with what kind of paper, production personnel usually will automatically give you use average thickness, so, if you use the back glue Velcro is upset from type paper, must be in before production and manufacturer good greeting, or it may be a mistake.
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