The back glue Velcro use method and matters needing attention

by:BAILI     2020-10-05
hook and loop brand very much, have a flush type of hook and loop, back glue Velcro, nylon Velcro, stickers and other kinds of Velcro hook MAO an organic whole, so we know what is 3 m Velcro? Small make up for our next to reassure what is back glue Velcro, and its use what size. First to identify the back glue Velcro is one of the easiest way to see it on the back of the offset printing, and the sticker tough solid font color represents the type of 3 m glue. 3 m back glue for special double-sided adhesive substance without burnish, general back glue for hot-melt adhesive, glossiness is good, also test the adhesiveness, high adhesiveness is 3 m, with poor adhesiveness is generally back glue hook and loop. Said above is to identify what is the back glue Velcro, then tell me the use of the back glue Velcro for us. May 1, general door window is sound, the back glue Velcro hair side stick on the door or window. 2, the car navigation, especially mobile phones when navigation can artificially harvesting and does not affect the use, very convenient. 3, can be used in the plastic at the bottom of the floor mat, have the effect of fixed 4, airplanes, cars, ships, and so on have the effect of fixed traffic tools. When it comes to only one of the four above, there are a lot of application can use it. Velcro in the life has been more and more people to use, but more use of also more and more problems, such as glue Velcro back after using traces how purify? The small make up for us in the specific introduction traces back glue Velcro removal method. 1, alcohol wipe divide, perhaps with a paper towel cotton stick on industrial alcohol brushed try, wipe a few back to more clean. 2, acetone to divide, acetone treatment post mark is the best, and very easy to be able to get rid of residual gum is better than alcohol. 3, nail polish remover to division, nail polish remover to want to be able to erase on the nail polish, then wipe traces Velcro is a piece of cake. 4, banana oil to divide, and four in front, is have a function to erase. The above four kind of method is very applicable traces back glue Velcro erasure.
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