The bicycle use of Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-11-10

Velcro not only can appear on the clothing, shoes and other products, at the same time, hook and loop fastening belt on bicycle parking also play an important role in the process, take a look at the hook and loop the use of: stop the bike at ordinary times, the first: by loading racks, middle, collateral, the second: now many professional bicycle parking is not installed. Then throw the bike or the ground, they are either rely on a wall, or a convex, put their feet up. Common problem: the bicycle would skid, or has the external force, such as wind, or man-made scratches, skid to bicycle, or internal force, parked itself over time by inclining weight can lead to a bicycle, loose, lead to reverse. Parking bicycle use of Velcro: the first method, basically solved the problem, and the second parking method, especially prone to skid, and backed up. Love ah broke the car. Cut the frame. To solve the problem: the bicycle brake handle kneading, and then the brake handle with Velcro cable tie with handlebars beam, in this way, the brake is in closed state, equivalent to have been holding your hand brake, the brake adhesive down rims, wheels touch the ground won't scroll, improves the coefficient of friction, so won't skid, enhanced the bicycle parking soundness.

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