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by:BAILI     2021-04-11

In our daily lives, we can see the shapes of Velcro that can be seen everywhere, and it can be said that it has a wide range. More importantly, the Velcro is very resistant to high and low temperatures, and the use of juggling belts can maintain the natural effect. In addition, the malfunction of the stunt belt will have a protective effect on our body, and more importantly, it can be recycled. When buying, please pay attention to the quality of the pattern tape, because there are some black-hearted merchants in the market now, so they sell sticker bags and attract people at low prices. There are already websites used by users who use special effects tapes.

When searching online, the usual idea is: 'When shopping. When you want to buy tapes, please pay attention to the quality or the quotation.' Many buyers choose to pay attention to the quotation, thinking that this Velcro is not very Useful, and because of magic, stickers are a product, it's not like eating or wearing during the day, just focusing on its quality. This is a very wrong concept, because if you choose a low-priced sundries belt, then you think it is reasonable to buy it, but if you do use it at that time, the sundries belt will not be damaged, this? Who will suffer? The technique of low quotes is usually very simple and not good. Many black-hearted businessmen sell almost by-products and then use rich advertising to attract customers. Remember, don't lose too much when buying things! Let us never make basic mistakes, because basic mistakes are likely to hurt us!

hook and loop is very popular among many people today because of its convenient installation and easy disassembly. However, no adhesives of any kind can be used for backing Velcro. If it is a special adhesive with strong stickiness, if you need to remove the Velcro, what should everyone do? You can easily remove the Velcro through the following five methods: Use hand cream. First tear off the printed matter on the surface, and then squeeze some hand cream on it. Wipe slowly with your thumb. After the rubbing session, you can wipe off the remaining glue. Slow hand cream is a kind of oil, its characteristics are not compatible with glue. This function is used to remove glue. Use banana water. It is an industrial reagent used to remove paint, and it is also easy to buy. Dip a paper towel with some alcohol to wipe, and then wipe it several times to clean. Use acetone. The method is the same as above. The dosage is small and thorough. The best part is that it can remove these residual gums very quickly and easily, which is better than alcohol. Use nail polish remover. The usage is the same as alcohol acetone. The effect is also very good. Nail polish removers do not need to be of quality, good or ordinary nail polishes are fine, as long as they can remove all nail polish.

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