The classification of injection hook Velcro is introduced

by:BAILI     2020-10-08
All the possible correlation the hook Velcro the rankings are strange, here are from textile to give you a brief introduction of what is injection hook Velcro. Injection hook product variety is more, different type has different characteristics, let's look at the below about the injection hook hook and loop on the market classification is introduced. Injection hook Velcro agree with ordinary hook and loop, just than normal Velcro has a waterproof, high secret and long controllability, etc. Injection hook Velcro is one of the very common in the hook and loop, injection hook Velcro is the product of plastic extrusion technology, is a kind of plastic Velcro, but also has the function of general Velcro. Because ordinary Velcro is spinning and weaving process, if for a long time in the water, will accelerate the aging of adhesive, and injection hook Velcro is the whole piece of plastic, is not waterproof, so injection hook Velcro can be used in immersion environment, and will not affect the service life. Features: with special thread gluing. Can be used with all kinds of fastening soft surface matching. This product pull superior, not hand, not easy to take off the hook, neat, beautiful appearance and durable, suitable for all kinds of outdoor products, metal and plastic products, can effectively reduce the wear and tear to the outer clothing. 1. There are three kinds of different shape of the hook type. 2. The density of hook type: 60 100 a. 3. The appearance of the hook type and highly consistent. 4. The height of the hook type affect the strength of different adhesive force. And use. Textile is a professional injection hook Velcro producers, ensure the quality, we we provide free samples, makes every effort to meet the requirements of customers, welcome the masses of customers come to consulting. 15920637637 / Liang Sheng.
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