The classification of the Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-09-05
Classification of Velcro a magic stick series: ordinary sewing Velcro, environmental Velcro, nylon Velcro, polyester Velcro, nylon and polyester blended Velcro, colored stickers, black magic stick, white Velcro fastening belt, sewing thread gluing zone, environmental protection fastening belt, nylon fastening belt, polyester fastening belt, nylon and polyester blended spinning fastening belt, color fastening belt, black sticky strap, two special hook and loop series: white sticky strap back glue Velcro, gum: self-adhesive Velcro back ( PS adhesive) Rubber, on high Zhou Bojiao [PC) From material points: back glue not cottony Velcro, back glue not fluff fastening belt, back glue not grab the hook and loop, back adhesive and cingulate, don't catch hair back glue not brush Velcro, back adhesive and cingulate, don't brush back plastic injection, rubber plastic hook, back glue injection Velcro, lamination baby products Velcro, back glue injection hook Velcro, ultra thin gum ultra thin Velcro, lamination ultra thin stick cingulate, black magic stick of gum, gum color Velcro, lamination white Velcro, back adhesive and cingulate, black back adhesive and cingulate, white color back glue color fastening belt, back glue hook Velcro, MAO back glue hook fastening belt, MAO back glue hook with the surface of the magic stick, MAO back adhesive and cingulate, hook wool with surface lamination mushroom head Velcro, back glue stick mushroom head strap, adhesive stickers, since the sticky strap, the back adhesive belt, window screen special back glue Velcro screens back glue Velcro, self-adhesive stickers, hot glue Velcro ( The back glue not stick, via high temperature can stick) Back, back glue pull chain, 3 m glue Velcro, 3 m9448 back glue Velcro from function points: ordinary back glue Velcro, high temperature resistant adhesive Velcro back, Temperature range: 0 - 90 degrees c) , high and low temperature resistant back glue Velcro ( - 20 - + 110 degrees c) , waterproof glue Velcro back, sticky back glue Velcro ( Such as PVC) 。 Back glue to core belt: role: suitable for all kinds of aluminum alloy frame, handicraft is not easy to sewing decorative purposes. 1. From shape points: type glue Velcro back, round back glue Velcro, rectangle back glue Velcro, Velcro flush type, with the type of fastening, dot Velcro, dot fastening belt, round the back adhesive belt, slicing back glue Velcro, sliced adhesive back strap, round, oval, triangle, rectangle, punching forming ( Cutting into various shape according to customer requirements) , the screen is special glue Velcro 2 back. Mushroom head fastening belt, mushroom head Velcro 3. Voltage fastening tape, Velcro, high-frequency fastening belt, high-frequency hook and loop, high-frequency heat-sealing Velcro, high-frequency heat sealing fastening belt, high special Zhou Boji Velcro, high frequency to 4 special fastening belt. Elastic Velcro, elastic fastening belt, elastic Velcro, elastic fastening belt, adjustable Velcro, telescopic fastening belt, belt, elastic arm elastic armband, Velcro WanDai elastic hand, not fluff elastic Velcro, not fluff elastic fastening belt, fuzz elastic Velcro, fuzz elastic fastening belt, elastic, cook's band, knitted elastic, mercerizing elastic, elastic have ribbon 5. Don't cottony Velcro, fuzz fastening belt, do not grab Velcro, don't catch hair sticky strap, do not brush Velcro, don't brush glue cingulate 6. Fine hook Velcro, soft hook Velcro, baby supplies, Velcro, baby supplies fastening belt, hook fastening belt, soft hook fastening belt, 7. Hook hook Velcro, MAO MAO fastening belt, hook with Velcro, MAO hook wool with surface fastening belt, hook to enable the magic stick, MAO MAO hook with 8 surface fastening belt. Fire magic stick, flame retardant Velcro, fireproof glue cingulate, flame retardant viscose cingulate, fire type fastening belt, fire type fastening belt 9. Fleece, fastening cloth, magic cloth, flannelette, special nylon fastening cloth, special nylon wool cloth, mop fastening cloth, display, with fastening cloth fastening cloth Velcro nylon fastening cloth bleaching fastening cloth warp knitted polyester thread gluing fastening cloth mop cloth fastening cloth, nylon fastening cloth blood pressure fastening cloth letters sphygmomanometer fastening cloth fastening cloth, sofa fleece magic cloth, sofa cloth fastening, magic cloth/the fleece/fastening cloth Velcro fastening tape/nylon buckles 10. Injection type hook Velcro, injection hook fastening belt, plastic hook Velcro, plastic fastening belt, ultra thin Velcro, soft plastic, ultra thin stick cingulate, ultra thin transparent stickers, baby supplies, Velcro, baby supplies fastening belt, 11. Back to back Velcro: back-to-back fastening tape, ordinary hook surface and the surface of the hair back to back Velcro, ordinary hook surface and wool ( Fastening cloth) Back to back Velcro, mushroom head with normal hair side back to back Velcro, injection hook and a fleece back to back Velcro 12. Electric wire bundling belt, wire and cable tie, fastening belt wire and cable tie, bind belt, cable ties, electron wire with the magic stick: points back to back Velcro wire cable tie and ultrasonic Velcro wire and cable tie ( Hot pressing type wire and cable tie) Lettering ski fastening belt, Velcro tape
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