The consciousness of environmental protection has deeply Velcro manufacturer

by:BAILI     2020-09-30
About clothing, followed with the WTO in our country, the textile export quota problem is not the main textile garment industry, instead of on the amount of yield and quality of environmental objectives as the 'green trade barriers' new export constraints; On the other hand, people also has the concept of 'green environment' in the gradually deepening. Clothing environmental protection depends on raw materials of environmental protection, so the accessories in addition to practical and decorative function, must want to health, safety and environmental protection. At the time, some auxiliary materials produced by an enterprise, zipper, hook and loop, fastening belt accessories products, such as heavy metals and free formaldehyde content has different degree of overruns, as for more details, more not to be a ChanFang alert. And these elements tend to use clothing brand with great danger, because not accessories companies bring damage to consumers, but the garment enterprises. Have a sequins produces enterprise introduces to the reporter, they produce of sequins, looks after the necessary skills to deal with, very lubrication, not scratch the skin, also won't have a bad effect on the skin. Now, of course, 'green products', 'ecological textiles' concepts such as a household name, will require supplementary material in the satisfaction of clothing function together, towards the high-tech, functional, informationization, green environmental protection, such as direction, never-ending seeking to satisfied people's clothing. Many accessories domestic enterprises pay more and more attention to health, safety, environmental protection responsibilities. Promoting ISO14000, OKO - for example TEXI00 and other international standards, standard production process, ensure clean and energy saving, and ensure the production quality and safe sex. Namely: choose 'environmental laws before processing' and 'physical' up after skills, make the products reach the requirement of ecological textile. Using the modern biological enzyme skills instead of traditional chlorine alkali oxygen bleaching process, with very little environmental pollution and damage to the human body; Suspension of loose type airing to shrink packing of physical and mechanical skills instead of the traditional high resin shrink into motivation skills. Already dealt with water scale change and cloth confrontation between free formaldehyde. And to ensure the free methanol content is lower than 50 PPM. Other, like high quality designer clothes are introduced by the personage inside course of study is called the 'environmental protection suit', 'green suit' suit of lining. Non adhesive lining suits to choose pure wool fabrics, thin lining does not use synthetic adhesive lining, and selects the natural material. Clothing from the already low pollution, now don't use chemical adhesive, suit for the lining can be washed, so there is no chemical adhesive and dry cleaner environment pollution problem.
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