The correct use of back glue Velcro can greatly prolong the service life of it

by:BAILI     2020-10-13
Back glue Velcro is necessary in our life, is necessary to apply them in many place, like a general merchandise, toys, metal, plastic, dress, shoes and hats, the power cord, the back glue Velcro has a huge role, on these small products use it, is to display good results, no matter how small products. He can be used. However, depends on whether you use glue properly! Round the back glue Velcro back glue Velcro adhesive water of kinds, different USES of products use glue is also different, so small make up teach you a few little tricks to identify now back glue Velcro glue does not stick your product! A, application method, convenience and practicability of the back glue hook and loop let a lot of people in the time of application will ignore, by solving the moment is not gradually, but abnormal rapidly, the number you can check on product surface and matte surface have been destroyed, such as multiple Velcro hair surface to tore off, it's really broken, another is the component in the product of the relatively large size, it sure is not able to. B, the situation of the application: back glue hook and loop's ability to adapt to application of unusually large, but in the face of the specific situations, have no what consequences, there are a lot of dust, or touching corrupt sex liquid, these will impact on Velcro form whammy, the dust will make product glue not sticky, abnormal easily shattered and corrupt sex liquid grasp destroy product ribbon, so in the time of application will be broken. C, making the material: in the end the quality of the Velcro is the fundamental, the hook and loop to determine the application with good quality is the life of a long, let's make the back glue Velcro as usual with the material is nylon, the abnormal quality of environmental protection, without any harmful substances, this is the complete merchants work, but there are a lot of businesses on the market to sell back glue hook and loop quality is not pass, it's necessary we are buying is sure enough, otherwise the problems encountered in the process of application is bad. The right back glue Velcro can bring you a lot of convenient, if the quality is not very good you will be unusually desperate, so even very good quality product is necessary we in the time of application, so it can greatly prolong the service life of them.
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