The current task in China's textile industry

by:BAILI     2020-11-15

although since this year, China's textile industry is in a good run, but still are faced with the risk of international market competition, etc. The personage inside course of study thinks, in the future, China's textile enterprises to accelerate the technical innovation in the field of traditional production, the full implementation of innovation driven development strategy, promote the development of the textile industry to the top level. At present, China's textile enterprises orders and basic normal construction conditions, large-scale production enterprises running at 80%. Since this year, textile and garment industry increased export tax rebates, and anhui, jiangsu, zhejiang, hebei, henan and other provinces has the 'high) low buckle' reform, for the textile and garment enterprise provides a favorable policy environment, enhance the confidence of enterprise development. Relevant statistics show that since this year, clothing, home textiles, industrial operation were increased in the whole three terminal industry, is better than that of the industrial chain. Investigate its reason, on the one hand, is a market structure factors, three or four tier cities and rural markets to support the development of the industry; On the other hand is the raw material market all the way down, cause certain influence to the industrial chain front-end indeed. Despite China's growth potential is without question, but overall, this year the textile industry is facing the external situation is still complicated, existing domestic and international economic recovery comprehensively deepen reform and other advantages, have a lot of risks, such as the international competitive industry to promote growth, structural adjustment and quality, and the efficiency of the task is still arduous. Association of China's textile industry Wang Tiankai said, from the aspects of production factors, cotton planting the implementation of direct subsidies measures will promote the adjustment of poor cotton prices at home and abroad and gradually to the reasonable interval, long-term benefit guarantee textile raw material supply, stable business operation. However, domestic cotton market over a period of time will remain volatile adjustment cycle, poor cotton textile enterprises are still facing inside and outside slants big, cotton prices downward and inventory loss increases risk of uncertainty. As the domestic market consumption upgrade, as the necessities, dress is kind of hard to boost consumption growth. Wang Tiankai growth of domestic demand is expected to retail scale, and in 2014 was flat, consumers for textile and clothing products personalized, differentiated consumer demand will become the main characteristics of domestic consumption. In addition, this year a number of areas reflect recruitment situation is better than last year. Problem of concentrated reflection or the financing difficulties of enterprises, financing cost is high, is not only the small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises has the same problem. The international market, in 2015, the world economy has changed overall slow recovery situation is difficult. Among them, the developed countries leading role of textile and clothing products demand growth is limited; And emerging markets due to macro economic fluctuation is bigger, the situation of a sharp drop in demand growth is also difficult to improve. In spite of this, our country introduced the textile clothing export tax rebates that increases a policy for the enterprise has a certain incentive. In addition, the textile industry is faced with by the manufacturer to make urgent task in the development of power transformation. To this, the personage inside course of study thinks, textile enterprises should accelerate the technical innovation in the field of traditional production, solve part of the excess capacity, fully implement innovation-driven development strategy, to promote industrialization and information fusion depth, promote the development of the textile industry to the top level. Wang Tiankai thinks, at present, China's textile industry faces two major challenges in terms of innovation driven strategy, a business model innovation, service-oriented transformation from production to production. Secondly, the research and development of science and technology innovation. Textile industry science and technology innovation is still faced with lack of relatively weak, the industrial innovation foundation support. Science and technology and economy to meet the needs of the bottleneck of the breakthrough, especially on the transformation and upgrading of industry is of great need to speed up the transformation of applicable advanced technology and achievements. Such as digital, intelligent equipment, high-performance fabrics, and advanced applicable technology, energy saving and emission reduction will need to intensify the development.

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